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Home Insurance

Home insurance policies can be difficult to navigate. Consumers can easily become overwhelmed with how much coverage they require as well as what type of perils are included with each policy. Policies may include coverage for specific events such as fire, theft, and storm damage or may have broader terms that protect the homeowner regardless of how the loss occurred. The inclusions within the home insurance policy will affect how much your annual premium costs.

Benefits of Home Insurance

When financing a home, most mortgage companies will require you to obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy. This protects their investment in the event damage occurs to the property. A named perils policy will list exactly what is covered under the plan while an open perils policy lists exclusions from coverage. The policy may include coverage for the dwelling, outdoor structures like sheds and garages, personal property, and costs associated with living expenses during the process of home restoration. Home insurance also saves you money since it prevents you from having to pay out thousands and thousands of dollars in the case of damage to your home or if someone tries to sue you while getting hurt on your property.

When it comes time to buy your policy, independent insurance agents will not only explain your coverage inclusions, but also tell you how much your premiums and deductibles will cost. Once the coverage goes into effect, you would get in touch with your insurance company to submit a claim. An adjuster will evaluate the damage and then offer a sum of money to cover repairs if the claim is found valid.

Finding Home Insurance Agents

Buying a home should be a joyous time for you and your family. Don’t let shopping for home insurance turn into a major headache. The Hogans Agency, Inc. will assist you in comparing policy rates and levels of coverage. Their group of independent insurance agents will provide you with recommendations on how to get the right amount of coverage to keep your valuables protected.